The mission of the MPRTN network is to provide post-graduate training for research in Medical Physics by emphasizing, in the graduate training following aspects:

  • scientific rigor and excellence;
  • multidisciplinary research and innovation;
  • transfer of medical physics knowledge into clinical practice.

This mission will be accomplished through building, within the training of post-graduates, the following aspects:

  • improved connections of the medical physics programs with basic sciences programs (physics, physics-engineering, biology);
  • involvement of medical devices industry in the training of the graduates;
  • involvement of government research and regulatory bodies in the training of graduates.

The core elements of the training of a post-graduate will contain one or more of these three pillars along with mobility and exchange of trainees and collaboration with members in the network or collaborators outside of the network.

The basic graduate programs that established the network are the existing medical physics programs with established curricula at McGill University (www.mcgill.ca/medphys) and Université Laval (http://physmed.fsg.ulaval.ca). Both of these programs are accredited by the “Commission for Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs” (CAMPEP; see: http://www.campep.org).