• Dylan Mann-Krzisnik

    Project Title: The effect of tissue composition uncertainty on dose distributions in brachytherapy

  • Joseph DeCunha

    Project Title: Investigation of the radiation induced Pockels Effect

  • Michael Caouette-Mansour

    Project Title: Study on Head & Neck tumor

    Dylan Mann-Krzisnik Abstract

    The more recent TG-186 model-based formalism has been suggested on many occasions as an important improvement from the water-based TG-43 formalism for low-energy brachytherapy. To reproduce patient-specific geometries, tissue elemental compositions are taken into account. The current project will serve to investigate the effect of uncertainty in elemental composition on low-energy brachytherapy when applying the TG-186 approach. These uncertainties will be assessed through tongue cancer patient studies.

    Joseph DeCunha Abstract

    The electro optic effect is an effect which causes the optical properties of a material to change when in the presence of an electric field. Gamma photons generate a local electric field, a property of all types of light and also are capable of generating an electric field by liberating electrons from a material. One suspects that a material which exhibits the electro optic effect will show a change in its optical properties while in the presence of gamma radiation.

    Materials which show a linear change in refractive index in the presence of an electric field are known as Pockels cells. The electro optic affect may also modify the optical activity of a material, this is known as electro-gyration. Both of these forms of the electro optic effect may be measured by the use of an optical instrument known as an interferometer.

    It has yet to be shown that electro optic materials can be used as detectors of gamma radiation. Not only is the application novel, but it may have benefits over existing gamma radiation detectors as the crystals may be able to be constructed to have a density similar to water. This project endeavors to create one such detector.

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    Michael Caouette-Mansour Abstract

    Preparation of a study for Germany: 65 patients was prepared for a study on head and neck tutor: CT\’s, PET and personal informations were gathered for each patient which had a modified plan and GTV for a radiotherapy treatment. An anonymization program was created on the base of a pre existing script applied to the Dicom file of the patients .

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