Workshops are periodically organized and bundle training for two aspects related to job-readiness:

  •  Professional life skills
  •  Industry and government job readiness skills

The workshops are organized in collaboration with the McGill SKILLSETS and the McGill Writing Centre teams.

Professional life skills:
Through participation in the SKILLSETS professional development workshops at McGill trainees will develop transitional skills that are complementary to their research training but important in becoming successful professionals. These workshops cover communication, teaching, management and leadership, ethics, critical and creative thinking, career development and writing. Date of next workshop: TBD.

Industry and government job readiness skills:
This component of the training program addresses training interests of stakeholders in industry and government. With participation of its partners (Elekta, Varian, Modus Medical, CNSC and NRC) and supported by the McGill SKILLSETS program, the MPRTN program will hold a yearly workshop on “Industry and Government job readiness”. The workshop deals with topics (1) Intellectual property development and protection (Collaborator Falco); (2) From idea to license (Collaborator Falco); (3) From idea to startup company (Collaborator Falco); (4) Quality systems in medical industry (Collaborator Zankowski); (5) corporate R&D (Collaborator Zankowski); (6) Small company operation in medical physics (Collaborator Miller); (7) Medical physicist role in government regulatory bodies (Collaborator Murthy); (8) The medical physicist’s role in government research agencies (Collaborator McEwen/Ross). These topics will be taught by collaborating medical physicists who have, by virtue of their career path specific expertise in this area. Date of next workshop: TBD.

The Medical Physics Research Training Network sponsors occasional events.

Next upcoming workshops/events with tentative dates:

Interview skills: January 24,2019, RI MUHC, Montreal ; Leadership Retreat: March 1, 2019 /Thomson House, Montreal ; Industry Day: March 31, 2019.