The MPRTN is overseen by a program committee (PC) chaired by Dr. W.R. Hendee, Medical College of Wisconsin, Chair of CAMPEP and former editor of the journal Medical Physics. Other members of the PC are indicated in the figure below.

The general role of the PC is:

  • to probe the effectiveness of the training components developed within the MPRTN;
  • to identify opportunities for the long term sustainability of the program.

The first charge of the PC is to act on performance reports by the MPRTN Management Committee (see below). Feedback on this includes suggestions on how the program needs to evolve and strengthened. The second charge of the PC is to suggest opportunities for new support. A summary of these opportunities and recommendations is issued in a yearly evaluation of the program by the PC.


The MPRTN Management Committee is a committee that represents the PIs, collaborators and students in the program and is charged with the logistics of the MPRTN. The committee consists of program co-directors at McGill (Seuntjens) and Laval (Beaulieu) and three rotating members of the collaborating institutions and industry.

The charge of the committee is:

  • to recruit suitable applicants to the MPRTN program;
  • to report yearly to the PC on program statistics and performance evaluation metrics.

The Program Coordinator Ms. Tatjana Nisic conducts the daily operation of the MPRTN.